Hardware, Firmware, Reference Design & Continuous Support

Hyperstone develops flash memory controllers for industrial applications. In order to provide highly efficient solutions we deliver high quality hardware and complimentary firmware which is customized for most flash types and individual applications.
The firmware supplied with our semiconductors provides world class functionality and performance for handling a complex medium – making flash memory easy to use and reliable enough for industrial applications. Furthermore, firmware which is stored in the flash itself offers several possibilities for implementing custom features, all based on standard hardware.

Flash based solutions offer many advantages such as being faster, more power efficient, more rugged than rotating media, and being more easily integrated together with other chips in system design and production flows.

Cost reduction of Flash Memories by shrinking geometries of manufacturing process coincide with reduced native Flash endurance and might introduce new failure modes. Hence,  more and more demanding and very intelligent control functions are needed in order to make Flash fit for use in all applications.

Requirements for highly reliable flash memory storage systems, especially those not removable, such as SSD or embedded Flash or eMMC, are more demanding than for removable consumer grade cards:

Intelligent mechanism to detect and correct errors inherent to flash memories:

  • Efficient algorithms to maximize lifetime
  • Power Fail Management to ensure data reliability and endurance
  • Tools to predict lifetime or monitor systems' status and health
  • Ability to implement customer-specific features
  • Sufficient transfer rates for read and write operations
  • Security features

The complex nature of flash cells and their organization demands reliable, high performance control functionality.

In order to support our customers in keeping up with the rapidly changing Flash industry, we extensively test new Flashes and continuously provide Flash support updates and compatibility fixes.
Our flexible concept allows us to deliver customer specific solutions which are continuously supported by our team of experts.
For easy implementation of our Flash memory controller we offer reference designs, configuration tools and also support manufacturing processes.