Flash Memory Summit Presentation 2018

Flash Memory Summit Presentation 2018

Flash Memory Summit Presentation

Download our Presentation today to learn more about how to get the most out of Performance Specs as an embedded designer

This year, at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara California, our Technical Marketing Manager Damien Col presented on getting the most out of performance specs by providing the top 10 points for embedded designers. Damien highlights the importance of trade-offs, understanding system workloads and performance factors. That any many more insightful pointers are raised in this presentation with a quirky spin to the football world cup.

Getting the Most Out of Performance Specs
-Top 10 Points for Embedded Designers- 

Damien Col, Technical Marketing Manager 

The Flash Memory Summit is one of the largest networking events in the storage industry and is held yearly in Santa Clara, California. Addressing the growing industry demands and the value of shared knowledge, it boasts an array of insightful keynote presentations, technology updates, forecasts, roadmaps and workshops for non-volatile memory (NVM). Educational and social, the Flash Memory Summit is worth attending to understand the direction and swing of the NVM industry.