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2017 - Nov | Hyperstone U8 inside TERZ KALIBER-XS, IP67 M12 USB Flash Drives.

TERZ Industrial Electronics implements Hyperstone flash memory controller in KALIBER-XS IP67 M12 Flash Drives to offer a highly reliable application that is powerful even under extreme environmental conditions. 

Konstanz, Germany, November 16, 2017 - Today Hyperstone announces that TERZ Industrial Electronics has integrated the company´s U8 USB controller into their KALIBER-XS Flash drives. Oliver Opl, CEO of TERZ Industrial Electronics states: "The U8 Flash controller´s efficient hardware as well as the productive cooperation with Hyperstone has enabled us to produce an innovative and industrially robust storage solution. The KALIBER-XS is the most compact IP67 M12 USB stick worldwide." TERZ Industrial Electronics has selected the U8 together with the hyMap® FTL because of its advanced technology and renowned reliability even under extreme environmental conditions.

To learn more about how Hyperstone controllers can support your next design, download the full press release below.


English Press Release

German Press Release