DoB Solutions

NAND Flash Controller for DoB Solutions

NAND Flash Controllers for Disk-on-Board Solutions

Embedded flash drive of any interface integrated on a PCB

Disk-on-board (DoB) solutions provide a fully functional storage sub-system based on flash controller and NAND Flash components soldered directly onto the systems’ main PCBs. The Firmware is provided from Hyperstone and integrated into the board support package. The interface to the main processor is enabled via a flash controller supporting any required standard such as SD, eMMC, USB, SATA, and CF/PATA. Using discrete components, it enables system designers to define all components used and configure Firmware settings according to their needs. A so-called “fixed BOM” can be achieved minimizing qualification effort and compatibility issues.

In order to implement a DoB solution, Hyperstone can provide the controller, firmware and a list of all supported flashes as well as the software tools needed for production. DoB has become a popular form factor in highly demanding environments because designers have the ability to arbitrate cost, capacity and endurance according to their applications’ needs. On top of this, health-monitoring tools as well as optional firmware updates providing additional flash support are available. 

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