DoM Solutions

NAND Flash Controller for Disk-on-Module Solutions

NAND Flash Controllers for Disk-on-Module Solutions

Flash Memory module based on any interface and SSD alternative

Disk-on-Module (DoM) solutions are NAND Flash storage solutions made out of discrete components soldered onto a PCB. Usually this PCB is designed to suit specific needs. While generally exchangeable and not permanently attached, DoM does not refer to a removable disk-drive standard, but is in most cases a proprietary solution. DoM solutions are not standardized in respect to their mechanical and physical layout, but comply with the electrical and logical standard of the respective interface. Interfaces available are SATA/CFast, USB, SD, eMMC and CF.

A DoM solution is usually used in applications where PCB layouts require special mechanical designs to cope with space requirements. In these cases standard modules and storage cards cannot be used, as they do not fit on the main PCB. Nevertheless, DoM can be easily exchanged, which sets it aside from Disk-on-Board (DoB) where the components are soldered to the PCB. Furthermore DoM, like DoB, allows direct control of the components used, which can significantly reduce issues with certification bodies and allow control over certain system design rules. Hyperstone provides all necessary documentation and tools to enable customers to develop their own solutions. We also analyze customers’ use cases to identify the most compatible flash technology (SLC, pSLC, MLC and 3D NAND).

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