Download Hyperstone Flash Memory Summit Presentations 2019

Download Hyperstone Flash Memory Summit Presentations 2019

Flash Memory Summit Presentations

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Interpreting SSD Performance Numbers Effectively
Speaker: Dr. Jan Peter Berns, Managing Director
Most engineers look at the performance numbers first when examining an SSD datasheet. But what do those numbers actually mean in practice? While most have understood the difference between read- and write-, sequential- and random-performance in MB/s and IOPS, not everyone is aware how these figures vary over the drive’s lifetime and depending on different use-cases. It’s valuable to understand what and how different factors and mechanisms influence performance in SSDs.

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Designing Reliable Flash Storage Systems
Speaker: Axel Mehnert, VP Marketing & Product Strategy
Achieving the highest reliability in flash storage has many aspects. Implementing an error correction algorithm capable of soft-decoding and with a guaranteed error floor is only one issue. Continuous calibration of the readout-levels of the memory cells during operation is just as crucial. The firmware responsible for all flash management tasks must balance the wear and performing scan-reads of the stored data. Designers may want to take a holistic approach to achieve the lowest possible error rates and maximize endurance.

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