USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

Common memory stick based on versatile and robust USB interface

USB Flash Drives are a removable storage solution. Certainly, the most recognized aspects of the Flash Drive are its connector and the memory stick. The USB form factor and the shape of the stick is not specified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), but the interface, protocol and connectors are specified.

Two USB versions are currently widespread: USB 2.0 with a maximum transfer rate of 60 MB/s, and USB 3.1 Gen1 with a maximum transfer rate of 530 MB/s. The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has defined a USB mass-storage device class. Designed initially for HDD, it was extended to support Flash drives. Most computer systems can boot directly from a USB Flash drive or run applications directly from the USB drive.

USB Flash drives have gained huge popularity due to their significant advantages over other storage media, in terms of power consumption, performance, storage capacity, reliability, weight, size and plug-and-play capability. The wide distribution and good compatibility behaviour as well as the sturdiness of the connector make USB a very popular removable storage media also for many industrial or security applications. Especially for security, Hyperstone provides dedicated development tools for USB solutions.

USB 3.1 Controller

U9 Flash Memory Controller
  • 充分满足工业级条件与规格要求的设计
  • 包括高级的均衡损秏,数据读取抗干扰管理和断电管理在内的hyReliability™闪存管理确保最高等级的稳定性和耐久性
  • 为了随机存取大量使用分析数据 (例如 JEDEC Enterprise) hyMap®闪存转换层以及映像提供最佳随机写入性能,最小的写入放大,以及最高等级耐久度
  • 灵活的96-Bit/1K BCH 纠错编码机制支持各种闪存的需求
  • 包含闪存管理指令集的优化的32RISC核心
  • 支持持续更新的闪存芯片和可长期获得的闪存芯片
  • 实时高性能的AES 128256加密机制
  • 通过简易的固件升级提供客户个性化的产品特征
  • 包括固件,生产组件,测试和开发硬件,参考图在内的一体化方案
  • 16个通用输入输出管脚支持基于 SPII2CISO 7816界面的客制化应用或是附加的快闪CE
  • 应用程序撰写接口(API)以及软件开发工具包(SDK)用以建立自有的客制固件扩充(CFE)
  • 内建温度感应功能
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