SD / eMMC闪存控制器






S9 NAND Flash Controller

SecureDigital (SD) NAND Flash Controller | Basic Version
  • Designed to fully satisfy industrial requirements
  • hyReliability™ flash management including superior wear leveling, read disturb management, dynamic data refresh, and power fail management ensuring the highest reliability
  • hyMap® -second to none random write performance, minimal write amplification
  • FlashXE® eXtended Endurance features to ensure the lowest possible read error rates and maximum endurance
  • Continuously updated flash memory support
  • Best-in-class power fail management
  • Turnkey solution including firmware, reference schematics, as well as health monitoring tools
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S9S NAND Flash Controller

SD以及MMC 闪存控制器
  • All features and funtions of the basic S9 included
  • Advanced security and encryption features
  • Secure erase, fast erase and secure trim
  • Custom firmware extensions and feature development through firmware API
  • Smart and custom features possible by simple firmware upgrades
  • Special GPIO transfer modes include ISO7816, I2C and SPI
  • AES-128 and AES-256 support with CBC and XTS modes
  • SHA-256 hashing engine and hardware RNG
  • Turnkey solution including firmware, manufacturing kit, test and development hardware, and reference schematics for SD Card

Swissbit SD & microSD Solutions

Swissbit’s industrial S-600 SD cards are designed for high sustained performance and endurance and are manufactured and tested in Swissbit‘s own fab to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

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