Hyperstone U9 - USB 3.1 Controller
hyMap® - New Flash Management Technology


  • 供CompactFlash (CF)、 SecureDigital (SD)、 eMMC 和 SATA等不同主機介面使用的工業用快閃記憶體控制器
  • 系統供應者: 硬體和結合長期服務與支援的免費固件傳送
  • 個別固件客制化和不斷支援所有新的快閃記憶體世代
  • 高性能 32 位 RISC/DSP 處理器具有業界領先的動力效能


2017 - Aug | Embedded Expo 2017

December 21.-23. 2017
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Shenzhen, China
Booth 1A53



2017 - Nov | Biolog Device´s fingerprint USB is made possible with Hyperstone´s U9 controller and API software

At the heart of Biolog Device´s highly secure fingerprint USB is Hyperstone´s U9 flash memory controller. Biolog Device has chosen Hyperstone´s controller and API to support the BFU100A´s design due to their renowned reliability and felixibility in enabling customer firmware extensions.


2017 - Nov | Hyperstone U8 inside TERZ KALIBER-XS, IP67 M12 USB Flash Drives.

TERZ Industrial Electronics implements Hyperstone flash memory controller in KALIBER-XS IP67 M12 Flash Drives to offer a highly reliable application that is powerful even under extreme environmental conditions.