eUSB Solutions

eUSB Solutions

Hyperstone controller for eUSB modules and other USB based storage applications

The embedded USB (eUSB) form factor is ideal for industrial, networking, and embedded markets. Offering a compact size, low power consumption, and cost-effectiveness, it aligns with industry USB standards, serving as versatile boot media, data logger, or storage device.

Featuring a mounting hole for secure attachment to the main board, the eUSB module ensures stability. It serves various purposes such as boot drives for operating systems or BIOS, and can substitute SSDs as a storage device. Common applications encompass data logging and boot drives for embedded applications and netcom systems, catering to diverse industry needs efficiently.

Swissbit eUSB Solutions

Swissbit’s eUSB modules provide a wide density range in a small form factor. It is an ideal solution for applications that require high-quality and high reliability. 


Hyperstone eUSB Controller

USB 3.1 Controller
  • 旨在完全滿足工業要求和功能要求
  • hyReliability™ 快閃記憶體管理,包括卓越的磨損均衡、讀取干擾管理和電源故障管理
  • hyMap® Flash 轉換層和映射提供首屈一指的隨機寫入性能、最小的寫入放大,因此對於隨機訪問大量使用配置檔(例如 JEDEC Enterprise)具有最高的耐久性
  • 靈活的96位/1K BCH ECC引擎,支援所有快閃記憶體要求
  • 優化的 32 位 RISC 內核,用於快閃記憶體處理的指令集
  • 高性能動態 AES 128 和 256 加密引擎
  • 16 個 GPIO,用於客戶特定應用,支援 SPI、I2C 和 ISO7816 或額外的快閃記憶體 CE
  • 內置溫度感應功能
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Hyperstone eUSB NAND Flash Memory Controller