hyMap® Firmware

hyMap® - New Flash Management Technology

Extended device life-time, high-speed performance, optimized data reliability and power fail safety, reduced system costs

hyMap® is Hyperstone's enhanced FTL (Flash Translation Layer) mapping approach which significantly improves random write performances, reliability, and endurance. hyMap® permits using cost-efficient flashes. What are the benefits?

  • Lower NAND flash wear-out
  • Extended device life time
  • Enabling MLC and TLC flashes for industrial storage applications
  • High-speed performance, especially for small files and fragmented user data
  • Improved Power-Fail robustness
  • Lower random-write WAF (Write Amplification Factor)
  • Higher Random-Write IOPS (Input/output per second)
  • Optimal Interleaving
  • No external DRAM/SRAM required


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