Data Storage Technology

Data Storage Technology

Learn More about Flash Controller Firmware, our Tools, Feature-Sets and our IP Core

Flash memory controllers manage the transfer of data from a host system onto a NAND flash. When it comes to designing a storage system or optimizing a pre-existing one, we have gathered all the relevant material to help you make an educated decision and inform yourself on the technology behind our flash memory controllers.

To optimize your NAND flash storage system or to kick start a new design, we have a range of different tools available such as our Lifetime Estimation Tool and our hySMART™ health monitoring technology. These tools will give you and your team a unique insight into your systems data usage patterns and the demands of your chosen NAND flash within that context. Knowing your systems use-case is key in designing a reliable storage system.

Our flash controllers are managed with our hyMap® sub-paged based firmware. In addition to our silicon core, based on our own IP which has been optimized over the years, our FlashXE™ feature eco-system has established an environment of reliability across our products.

At Hyperstone, we pride ourselves on sharing the knowledge that our industry is grounded in. Regardless of your field and level of experience, there’s always something new to learn. Take a look at our white paper and video series ´The Fundamentals of Reliable Flash Storage´. Specifically looking at NAND flash technology and flash memory controllers, we have covered and will continue to cover a range of different embedded topics. Scroll to discover more about our technology and gain access to all educational material.


Health Monitoring

Explore how Hyperstone uses hySMART to track and monitor the health of your storage solution to avoid problems. 


Flash Translation Layer

Learn more about our page based mapping firmware which brings with it a range of advantages.


eXtended Endurance Ecosystem

Learn more about Hyperstones FlashXE™ reliability ecosystem which prevents, detects and corrects errors. 

Download White Papers

The 'Fundamentals of Reliable Flash Storage' has covered a range of embedded topics over the years with the aim to explain the basics of controller and flash technology. Download over a dozen white papers.

Watch Educational Videos

The fundamentals of reliable flash storage explored through videos. Our Youtube channel delves into all things safe, reliable and secure when it comes to NAND flash memory and flash memory controllers.

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