CF / PATA NAND Flash Memory Controllers

Reliable NAND Flash Controllers for Industrial Embedded Storage Solutions

Reliable NAND Flash Memory Controllers for CF/ PATA based Industrial Storage Solutions

CompactFlash & Parallel ATA Controller for Card Solutions & Embedded IDE and Disk on Module Solutions

Compact Flash was the standard industrial interface for many years and delivered long lasting products in a mature form factor. Hyperstone is committed to supporting this interface. Even though it is widely understood as a legacy interface, Compact Flash is still a valid alternative for many systems and maintains a strong footing across a range of markets. The foundations of automation equipment still require a high volume of CF. Compact Flash is also used in 3G base stations, Cashier Systems and Electronic Gaming.

F9 NAND Flash Controller Hyperstone Representation


Industrial CompactFlash, CF card and PATA Solid State Disk (SSD) controller
  • Designed to fully satisfy industrial reliability, endurance, and feature requirements
  • hyReliability™ Flash Management including superior wear leveling, read disturb management, and power fail management ensuring highest reliability and durability
  • hyMap® Flash Translation Layer (FTL) offering second to none random write performance, minimal write amplification, and consequently highest endurance for random access heavy usage profiles
  • Flexible 96-Bit/1K BCH ECC engine supporting all Flash Memory requirements
  • Optimized 32-Bit RISC core, extended instruction set for Flash Memory handling
  • Continuously updated Flash Memory chip support and long term availability
  • High performance on-the-fly AES 128 and 256 encryption engine
  • Custom features can be implemented with simple firmware upgrades
  • Turnkey solution including firmware, manufacturing kit, test and development hardware, as well as reference schematics
  • 16 GPIOs for customer specific applications supporting SPI, I2C and ISO7816 or additional flash CE
  • Application Programming Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop own Custom Firmware Extensions (CFE)
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Swissbit's CompactFlash™ Solutions

Swissbits CompactFlash™ cards - C-350/ C-300L & C-500/ C-56 provide rugged and reliable memory for a wide range of demanding use cases. 

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