Security Firmware Extensions | API

Enabling Firmware Extensions for your NAND Flash Memory Application

Enabling NAND Flash Memory Firmware Extensions

Secure your Data & develop individual Firmware Extensions. With Hyperstone's API you can enjoy the freedom and control to make your design flexible and unique with added-value features
  • The Application Programming Interface (API) is a feature of Hyperstone’s standard firmware, which enables Custom Firmware Extensions (CFEs)
  • You do not need to implement advanced flash management features, as you will benefit from Hyperstone’s flash management system
  • CFEs are stored in a load file on the flash, separate from the basic firmware
  • CFEs and call-back functions can be developed independently from standard firmware and may be used with any future update of the basic firmware, including new generations of flash memories
  • API provides access to several embedded firmware features and additional interfaces through the host interface to implement customized, added-value application features
  • You retain full control of the added features – no disclosure needed
  • The API kit includes software (C source code compiled for different OSs) and hardware (development boards and debug interface) as well as detailed documentation

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API allows for Customer Firmware Extensions in NAND Flash Memory applications

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