Industrial Automation Solutions

NAND Flash Controllers for Industrial Automation

NAND Flash Controllers for Industrial Automation

Storage for PLCs, HMIs, IPCs, Motion Controllers, CoM and robotics, for critical functions such as OS boot storage, machine configuration, power-down DRAM crash dumps, status capture and logging of manufacturing data

Industrial automation covers a wide range of applications. It encompasses factory automation as well as access-control systems and robotics. Equipment is used to control production-floor equipment such as welding robots, presses, automated material handling, elevators, heavy vehicles, drilling equipment and much more. Systems using flash memory devices are typically found in PLCs, IPCs, HMIs, motion controls, single-board computers and CoM modules.

While many applications have special requirements, key requirements include long-term availability of components; robustness against sudden power fails, endurance and data integrity at higher temperatures and in more extreme environmental conditions. Data is valuable and machine downtime is costly – using reliable storage is essential. Controller and flash management as well as maintenance and endurance features are key to achieving the required lifetime of the storage media.

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