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NAND Flash Controllers for Industrially Robust Storage Solutions

Microcontroller Development for Industrial Storage

As the microcontroller unit within the Swissbit company, we develop secure, industrial grade semiconductor solutions and flash management to serve a global customer base

As the Swissbit microcontroller unit, we are focused on enabling secure, highly reliable, industrial grade storage solutions through state-of-the-art flash management firmware for a range of different products, flash interfaces and form factors. With our high-end controllers, we strive to be the key component in world-class products for industrial, embedded, automotive and global data storage applications.

Our highly reliable controllers can be found in a range of Swissbit modules from for Serial ATA (SATA)-State Disks (SSDs), USB sticks, eUSB modules, embedded flash solutions, and flash cards such as CF, SD, and microSD. Hyperstone’s renowned hyMap® flash management firmware is supplied with the controllers ensuring high reliability and security for demanding use cases and robust applications. While research and development takes place in Constance, Germany there are further global teams and industry-leading partners providing world-class wafer-subcontracting, packaging, and testing services.

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