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Learn about Controller Technology, read our blog and explore other relevant topics, such as what our state of the art hyMap firmware and hySMART health monitoring technology can do for your business.

At Hyperstone, we pride ourselves on sharing the knowledge that our industry is grounded in. Regardless of your field and experience, there’s always something new to learn and build on. Take a look at our white paper series ´The Fundamentals of Reliable Flash Storage´. Continuously evolving, we explore topics such as flash technology as well as controller and Hyperstone controller specific features so you can better understand our solutions and how to implement them in the most effective way.

Specifically looking at Flash Technology and Controllers, Hyperstone brings you the latest news about innovations, developments, and the future. Find out more about our hyMap technology. Explore with us this exciting new way to significantly enhance the lifetime of the Flash and thus your solution. Have you ever wondered how long your storage solution will last? With our hySMART tool, you can monitor the health of your NAND-Flash solution and check if it’s time to think about replacing the flash drive, before losing critical data or risking a production break down.


Health Monitoring

Explore how Hyperstone uses hySMART to track and monitor the health of your storage solution to avoid problems. 


Flash Translation Layer

Learn more about our page based mapping firmware which brings with it a range of advantages.

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