hySMART™ Health Monitoring

hySMART™ Health Monitoring

Secure your storage solution by avoiding valuable data loss and system downtime

When relying on NAND Flash storage, health monitoring and lifetime estimation are extremely valuable tools. During qualification you can monitor lifetime parameters such as block erase counts and bit errors to evaluate how your storage media behaves within your system. Once deployed in the field, you can remotely monitor the status of the solution or have the health monitoring utility issue warnings when the media approaches the end of its useful life. 

Foreseeing impending issues before they happen or reach critical levels can avoid system downtime or loss of valuable data. State-of-the-art tools like Hyperstone’s hySMART utility assist in this process and allow users to monitor and track their solution. The results are then displayed on a graphical user interface, which is available for download through our website. Furthermore, libraries, vendor commands and documentation are available to support your system and software.

If you are interested in learning more about SMART functions and the hySMART utility we have a white paper that explains the details, avaliable under NDA – please contact us directly if you would like access.


hySMART White Paper

avaliable under NDA, please register and contact us to start the process

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