Industrial Storage for Industrial Markets

Industrial NAND Flash Controllers for Robust Storage Solutions

Industrial Storage for Industrial Markets

Industrial NAND Flash Controllers for Embedded Storage Solutions and Industrial Applications

Hyperstone NAND flash memory controllers are designed to enable highly flexible, robust and reliable industrial storage systems. Through a range of flash controller features we manage the flash memory and ensure your overall NAND flash based system is operating in its most reliable state for its unique use case.

From automotive requirements, to networking connectivity, industrial storage systems can find themselves across a range of demanding environments with a unique set of challenges accompanying their use case. To meet these requirements, Hyperstone has a portfolio of reliable NAND flash controllers which enable highly secure storage solutions that can be tailored to your systems demands and requirements. With a focus on reliability and next generation flash support, our flash controllers have powerful error correction algorithms, superior wear leveling and many other features to guarantee optimal performance.

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Solutions for Industrial Automation

Storage for PLCs, HMIs, IPCs, Motion Controllers, CoM & robotics, for critical functions such as OS boot storage, machine configuration, power-down DRAM crash dumps, status capture and logging of manufacturing data.

Industrial Automation covers a wide range of applications. It encompasses Factory Automation as well as Point of Sales Terminals, Access Control systems and Robotics. Systems using flash memory devices are typically found in PLCs, IPCs, HMIs, Motion Controls and Computer on Modules.

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IoT Solutions

Reliable, small & secure, storage solutions for Fog & Mist computing as well as for cloud computing infrastructure

The Internet of Things (IoT) can be seen as an infrastructure and ecosystem for very different smart devices, which can be uniquely identified and have the ability to communicate over a network without necessarily requiring human involvement. IoT encompasses (M2M) communication, Industry 4.0, connected cars, smart metering, smart homes connected transportation and more. 

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Medical Solutions

Guarantee reliable data and prevent unauthorized access for medical applications based on NAND Flash storage

Modern medical treatments and procedures are highly reliant on state-of-the-art electronic devices which gather and store patient data. Additionally, the Operating Systems (OS) running these devices also demand reliable and secure storage. This data needs to not only be stored securely but also effectively prevent unauthorized access in demanding environments.

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Telecommunication Solutions

Reliable storage for telecommunications infrastructure equipment, base stations, telephony networking, routers, switches & servers for critical functions & logging data

Storage is an integral part of communications infrastructure. A fault in any sub-system could result in service failures. Non-volatile memory has become the default media for code and data storage across the entire infrastructure, meaning service providers rely on suppliers being able to provide long-term support for new and legacy interfaces.

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Security Solutions

Authentication, encryption & secure data storage as well as enabling security features for legacy devices with Hyperstone’s Flash memory controllers & API

Security weaknesses and breaches in telecommunication, data theft of sensitive information, and even political scandals are topics of increasing frequency and magnitude during recent years it seems. Consequently, demand for security solutions is constantly growing.

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Automotive Solutions

Reliable & fast booting storage solutions for navigation systems, infotainment, telemetry, event data recorders, dashboard cameras & instrument clusters

With the ongoing and growing use of electronic components and displays within cars, storage has become a key component in the reliable operation of modern cars. The possibilities are endless, as storage is no longer limited to Infotainment and map storage, but also serves as the basic data source for ADAS/ Autonomous Driving.

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Energy Solutions

Ruggedized solutions, power-fail-safe & ESD protected used in energy generation, distribution & SMART metering equipment to help ensure grid stability, log data and protect storage access.

There has been a huge shift in environmental infrastructure over the last few decades. Central power plants have been replaced with distributed power solutions like wind mills and solar panels. With a special focus on efficient and reliable energy, distributed energy systems, also known as Smart or Digital Grid are an investment shaping our future. 

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Transportation Solutions

Highest data retention, ultra-rugged and power-fail-safe solutions for storage of content deployment, OS’ & logging data in challenging environments

Mobility and transportation applications such as rail, trucking, naval, avionics, agriculture, construction and mobile automation require ruggedized computers and data-loggers as well as reliable OS storage. Related infrastructure like signalling or monitoring systems needs to be reliable, maintainable and anticipatable.

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