NAND Flash Memory Controllers

Our Product Portfolio has a range of reliable NAND Flash Memory Controllers

Flash Memory Controllers for Embedded Systems & Industrial Storage Applications

Our Product Portfolio has a range of reliable NAND Flash Memory Controllers for SD, USB, SATA, CF and PATA Interfaces

Our Product Portfolio of NAND Flash Memory Controllers includes USB controllers, SATA controllers, SD controllers and CF PATA controllers. With our complimentary firmware, hyReliability™ features and our hyMap® Flash Translation Layer, our flash memory controllers deliver the highest endurance and reliability for embedded storage solutions that must not fail. Power-Fail robustness, error correction, wear-leveling, and data refreshing are a few of the many important reliability features needed to ensure that storage solutions such as SSDs, eMMC, SD-cards, USB drives, and embedded flash drives can function reliably. Due to the physical characteristics of NAND flash memory, reliable data processing is only possible with a quality NAND flash memory controller that enables the NAND flash to be used in demanding applications. Due to the unique demands of reliable storage applications within industrial markets, failing storage applications are not an option for us. If you require storage solutions, which combine reliability with the highest endurance, our NAND flash memory controllers are your best choice.

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USB Controllers

USB Controllers for USB flash drives, eUSB modules and USB security solutions 

SATA Controllers

SATA controllers for SSDs, CFast cards and embedded flash drives

SD & eMMC Controller

SD controllers for SD cards, microSD cards, eMMC and security solutions

CF & PATA Controller

CF controllers for CF cards, Parallel ATA or IDE SSDs and embedded flash drives 

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