High reliability CompactFlash controller from Hyperstone adds 3D Flash

High reliability CompactFlash controller from Hyperstone adds 3D Flash

New F9 market-leading CF controller offers doubled performance for high-end CompactFlash cards and embedded IDE disk-on-modules

Konstanz, Germany, August 7, 2017 – Today, Hyperstone introduces their new F9 – CompactFlash™ memory controller. The F9 is targeting industrial and high-end CompactFlash cards and embedded IDE disk-on-modules. In conjunction with Hyperstone’s hyMap® Flash translation layer (FTL) and hyReliability™ firmware features, the F9 provides enhanced endurance and data retention management, as well as rigorous power fail-safe features. 

Product Highlights:

  • Over 120 MB/s sequential read
  • Up to 120 MB/s sequential write
  • Up to 4,000 random 4K write IOPS
  • Compatible with CF 6.1 and ATA-7 standards with speed modes supporting up to UDMA 6
  • Support for next generation SLC, MLC and 3D NAND Flashes
  • hyMap® sub-page-based Flash translation layer (FTL)
  • hyReliability™ Flash Memory Management and firmware architecture
  • Data Refresh to maximize data retention
  • S.M.A.R.T. health monitoring and lifetime estimation tools
  • Secure boot feature for firmware security
  • Ultra-Low-Alpha package compound reducing Soft Errors caused by alpha particles

Hyperstone’s DRAM-less paged-based mapping technology, hyMap, – already widely successful in SD and USB applications of Hyperstone S8, U8, and U9 – has now been applied to CF / IDE applications. “The hyMap FTL and hyReliability feature-set are now available for CF,” said Axel Mehnert, VP Marketing of Hyperstone. “Furthermore, the F9 is designed to deliver 120 MB/s sequential write and read performance without compromising reliability.”

Only through a page-based mapping FTL can 3D, MLC, or any Flash with larger block sizes be used in a reliable manner. Users can now feel at ease in staying with their existing CF/IDE products. “Hyperstone is dedicated to supporting CompactFlash and PATA solutions by offering up-to-date Flash support,” said Dr. Jan Peter Berns, Managing Director of Hyperstone, “It is our mission to support our customers with highly reliable storage solutions for the longer-term and also for interfaces that have been in the market for decades.”

The F9 will initially be available in 144-ball TFBGA (9x9x1.2 mm) and 128 pin TQFP (14x14x1.0 mm) packages, qualified for the industrial temperature range (-40 to +85 °C). Mass-production samples and released firmware are available now.