Hyperstone introduces hyMap®

Hyperstone introduces hyMap®

Konstanz, Germany, February 11th, 2015 - Hyperstone’s new hyMap® technology significantly improves endurance and random write performance for flash memory systems, thus for the first time enabling MLC for reliable industrial embedded storage systems.

hyMap® reduces Write Amplification (WAF) by a factor of more than 100 in fragmented usage pattern and for small file random writes. Thereby, the reduction in effectively used write-erase-cycles results in higher performance, longer life and shorter random access response times. As a result, in many applications hyMap® together with Hyperstone controllers and MLC flash enables higher reliability and data retention than other controllers using SLC. hyMap® does not require any external DRAM or SRAM.

Together with Hyperstone’s proprietary hyReliability™ feature set, hyMap® provides enhanced endurance, data retention management, as well as rigorous fail-safe features mandatory for industrial applications. Advantages include extended device life-time/endurance for embedded systems, high-speed performance for small data by minimizing data transfer time, enabling MLC flashes for industrial storage applications and optimized Data Reliability and Power Fail Safety.

“Our hyMap® FTL architecture reliably enables lower-cost MLC for embedded Flash systems, achieving better reliability and endurance than other controllers. But also SLC and pseudo SLC reliability is increased dramatically.” said Axel Mehnert, VP Marketing of Hyperstone. “hyMap® together with our proven hyReliabilityTM feature set is optimally suited to maximize system integrators’ flexibility, choosing the best Flash technology for specific application requirements.”

“Evaluating SSDs for enterprise applications, write amplification has been discussed intensively for several years. Controllers used in these high-performance applications use external DRAM and multi-core processors. For removable SD cards or USB modules in embedded systems, write amplification has not been in focus yet. Low-cost consumer controllers do not provide sufficient SRAM and CPU-power to provide such sophisticated mapping and FTL algorithms.” said Dr. Jan Peter Berns, Managing Director of Hyperstone. “With hyMap® we are now offering a truly efficient high-performance solution for embedded systems.”

Initially, hyMap® will be available for Hyperstone’s S8 - SD/MMC and U8 - USB Flash Memory Controllers. The new architecture will be used for all future Hyperstone products.

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