Reliable NAND Flash Controllers for Industrial Storage Solutions

NAND Flash Controllers for Reliable Storage

When using non-volatile memory such as NAND Flash, our controllers ensure reliability.

Our Product Portfolio of NAND Flash Controllers and Firmware with hyReliability™ features and hyMap® Flash Translation Layer deliver the highest endurance and reliability for storage solutions that must not fail. Power-Fail robustness, Error Correction, Wear-levelling, and Data Refreshing are few amongst the many important features needed to ensure that storage solutions such as SSD, eMMC, SD-cards, USB drives, and embedded flash drives can function reliably. Due to the physical characteristics of non-volatile memory such as NAND Flash, it is only because of intelligent controllers that those can be used reliably in demanding applications such as Automotive, Telecommunication Infrastructure, Industrial Automation, Energy, Transportation, Medical, and others. Where failing components are not an option our controllers are your best choice.


Controllers for USB Flash drives, embedded eUSB modules and USB security solutions


Controllers for SecureDigital (SD), microSD cards and SD or smart microSD security solutions.


Controller for CompactFlash™ cards, Parallel ATA (PATA) or IDE SSD, embedded flash disks and memory mapped IO solutions.


Controllers for Serial ATA (SATA) SSD, CFast cards and embedded flash disks

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