SD Association Presentation

SD Association Presentation

SD Association Presentation || San Diego, California

Speaker: Jim Phillips VP Sales America

On the 23. April, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing America, Jim Phillips presented at the SD Association conference in San Diego, California. 

Touching on the importance of adding value to SD Card applications for industrial storage systems, Jim highlighted the features and endless possibilities available by utilizing APIs, more specifically Hyperstone's. The future for the SD interface is rich, especially when the right tools and designs are implemented. Platforms provide access and APIs allow for the necessary differentiation companies need to establish a strong point of difference in their products. In a rapidly developing technological environment, where security is an ever growing topic, simple yet fliexible tools have never been more valuable in allowing for efficient and secure firmware extensions. 

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Adding Value to SD Cards

Jim Phillips, VP Sales & Marketing America

Hyperstone's Application Programming Interface (API) gives customers the ability to extend Hyperstone's standard firmware and implement their own value-added features while benefiting from advanced hyMap Flash management and fully tested firmware. To learn more, you can visit the API page and download the API white paper to understand more on how to develop unique storage solutions that are fliexible and exclusively your own.