Hyperstone S8 for maximum reliability

Hyperstone S8 for maximum reliability

Konstanz, Germany, Sept 05, 2016 – B&R, a global leader in industrial automation, has selected the Hyperstone S8 Flash Memory Controller for their recently announced X90 mobile automation product line. The X90 family of products are designed for securing mobile control and I/O tasks in demanding environments experienced by industrial and mobile machines. To meet all requirements of their robust applications B&R implemented the Hyperstone S8 Flash Memory Controller, which operates over an extended temperature range and ensures the highest reliability and endurance even under extreme environmental conditions. The S8 Controller enables the use of advanced technology NAND flashes in demanding, rugged applications e.g. in commercial vehicles and outdoor applications. B&R X90 products deliver robustness and durability hence the choice of Hyperstone products.

X90 mobile

With a comprehensive set of standardized components, the X90 product line offers automation solutions perfect for flexible automation concepts used in mobile and outdoor applications found in agriculture and forestry, construction or municipal vehicles. Extended temperature range, strong vibrations or shocks and influences such as salt, oil and UV light must be handled by the system.
Basic features of the X90 family include interfaces for CAN, USB, Ethernet and the real-time POWERLINK bus system. A flexible set up allows the addition of I/O channels and interfaces.
The X90 series was introduced at Bauma 2016 in Munich.


The Hyperstone S8 Flash Memory Controller and its application and Flash specific firmware offer a platform for industrial high endurance Flash Memory cards or modules which are compatible with SD interface host systems. Together with Hyperstone’s proprietary hyReliability™ firmware, S8 provides enhanced endurance and data retention management, as well as rigorous fail-safe features, all of which are mandatory for industrial applications. Implemented hardware features and special firmware developments enable the highest data retention and refresh mechanisms, even when storage applications are faced with extreme environmental conditions.