Hyperstone expands hyMap® support to industrial USB controller line-up

Hyperstone expands hyMap® support to industrial USB controller line-up

Konstanz, Germany, July 27, 2016 – Hyperstone has released its latest hyMap® firmware supporting the U8 and U9 – industrial USB flash memory controllers. Both controllers target industrial applications such as removable USB flash drives (UFD) and embedded USB flash modules (eUSB). Key benefits of Hyperstone’s hyMap® flash translation layer (FTL) and hyReliability™ firmware are enhanced endurance, improved data retention management and rigorous power fail-safe features.

hyMap® USB - Release Highlights:

  • Sub-page-based Flash translation layer (FTL)
  • hyReliability™ Flash Memory Management and firmware architecture
  • SLC support for 34, 32, 25, 24, and 20nm
  • Support for 20, 19, 16, and 15 nm MLC
  • MLC operation in “reliable” and “performance” mode
  • Read Disturb Management and Dynamic Data Refresh to maximize data retention
  • Longest lifetime (Lowest Write Amplification) for non-DRAM based controllers
  • Best 4K random write performance
  • Early-acknowledge write caching can be either enabled or disabled
  • Synchronize cache command is supported to commit data in transit to the Flash
  • SCSI and vendor command support including Sanitize, Secure Erase and Trim
  • ATA pass-through support and S.M.A.R.T. functionality
  • Flash lifetime and drive health monitoring

"Our new USB release has significantly improved performance whilst maintaining the highest levels of reliability; it reduces wear-out, and provides excellent random write performance. Our hyMap® FTL is designed for use in many different applications.” said Dr. Jan Peter Berns, Managing Director of Hyperstone. “Less granular mapping wears down the flash fast and the random write performance is often poor. Our sophisticated architecture and features, such as garbage collection and wear-levelling, can be tuned and optimized for specific applications.”

“Using ATA pass through or vendor commands, many enhanced features including Sanitize, Secure Erase, or Synchronize Cache are now available for our hyMap® based USB line-up.” said Axel Mehnert, VP Marketing of Hyperstone. “Very detailed information can now be retrieved in order to monitor systems’ health in the field and during qualification.”

The latest firmware release is available now. Please contact your local Hyperstone representative for access.