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Fundamentals of Reliable Flash Storage

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We have covered a range of embedded topics over the years and have now started to publish a series titled 'The Fundamentals of Reliable Flash Storage'. These papers aim to explain the basics of controller and Flash technology as well as some of their inherent intricacies. While the majority of our white papers are avaliable to all registered users, some cover more specific topics. These papers (see list below) are available only under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). To access these papers, please contact us directly after you register to start the process.

Your input matters - If you have a NAND Flash-based question or a topic you think should be explained in further detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Getting the Most Out of Performance Specs - Top 10 Points for Embedded Designers
Speaker: Damien Col, Technical Marketing Manager
Download Flash Memory Summit 2018 Presentation

Flash & the Internet of Things - Applying Flash in the Industrial IoT
Speaker: Eric Jones, Business Development at Hyperstone                                              Download Flash Memory Summit 2017 Presentation

Lifetime Estimation and Health Monitoring - Support for System Qualification Testing
Speaker: Axel Mehnert, VP Marketing at Hyperstone                                                       Download Flash Memory Summit 2016 Presentation

Enabling MLC in Industrial and Embedded Storage - Tools and Features to making the right choice
Speaker: Axel Mehnert, VP Marketing at Hyperstone                               Download Flash Memory Summit 2015 Presentation

Technical Articles

Boards & Solutions 
Download API for Flash controller opens realm of customer applications article

Boards & Solutions
Download USB 3.1 SuperSpeed Flash Drives for Industrial Applications article

Design & Elektronik
only available in german
Download USB 3.1 im Industrie-Einsatz article

Boards & Solutions  
Download New Flash Management Architecture article

Available White Papers

Fundamentals of Reliable Flash Storage: Non-Volatile Memory

An Introduction to Non-Volatile Memory and NAND Flash Technology

Fundamentals of Reliable Flash Storage: Flash Controller Technology

This paper provides an overview of functions and features provided by Flash Memory Controllers

Fundamentals of Reliable Flash Storage: Hyperstone Controller Technology

This White Paper explains proprietary features of Hyperstone Flash Memory Controllers and implementation

Fundamentals of Reliable Flash Storage: Flash Memory Form Factors

This White Paper provides an overview of Flash memory based storage systems and form factors

Fundamentals of Reliable Flash Storage: Application Programming Interface

This White Paper explains Hyperstones Application Programming Interface. It specifically looks at examples of API applications, features, implementation and adding value.


This paper explores how the mapping of FTLs impact NAND Flash based storage systems

Adressing Single Event Upsets (SEU)

Addressing SEU in high reliability NAND Flash Memory Controllers

Embedded Flash Disk-on-Board

Advantages of embedding a NAND Flash based storage system directly onto a system PCB

BCH versus LDPC

Comparison of BCH and LDPC Error Correction approaches

pSLC vs Fast Page

Highlighting the difference between pSLC and Fast Page mode

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The following papers are available under NDA, please contact Hyperstone to get access

Power Fail Management
AES Application Note
Application Programming Interface
Field Firmware Update
Read Firmware Features & NAND Flash Reliability


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