microSD & SD Card Solutions

microSD & SD Card Solutions

Hyperstone microSD & SD controller for SD based NAND flash storage applications

Emerging as an alternative to the MultiMediaCard in the late 1990s, the SD interface specification has undergone significant evolution to cater to diverse performance, feature, and capacity requirements. SD and microSD solutions have surged in popularity, initially dominating consumer electronics, mobile devices, and digital cameras before cementing their position in the industrial sector over the past decade.

With a growing emphasis on security, recent designs integrate a security chip or SmartIC within the microSD package, enhancing it into a smart microSD with advanced security, authentication, and encryption capabilities. Hyperstone’s SD and microSD controller offer exceptional reliability for NAND flash storage applications, boasting an array of features ideal for industrial environments where secure and efficient data transfers are paramount.

Hyperstone microSD & SD Controller

SD Controller for microSD and SD Cards
  • Designed to satisfy industrial requirements
  • 32-Bit core microprocessor with optimized instruction set and additional hardware accelerators for flash memory handling
  • hyMap® customizable sub-page-based Flash Translation Layer (FTL)
  • FlashXE® eXtended Endurance 
  • hyReliability™ flash management 
  • Advanced protection against radiation and soft-errors including, SRAM ECC and low-alpha package
  • Turnkey solution including firmware, manufacturing kit, test and development hardware, reference schematics, as well as health monitoring tools
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Swissbit SD & microSD Cards

Swissbit’s Industrial Secure Digital (SD) card series are designed for high sustained performance and endurance and are manufactured and tested in Swissbit‘s own fab to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

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