eMMC Controller Solutions

eMMC controller solutions for NAND flash memory applications

NAND Flash Controller Solutions for eMMC

eMMC controllers for BGA System-in-Package embedded flash drives and other embedded NAND flash memory applications

eMMC controller solutions for System-in-Packages (SiP) which contain both the NAND flash memory and the NAND Flash controller in a solderable (BGA) package . eMMC exists in 100-, 153- and 169-ball BGA packages. It is very popular in compact systems like cell phones, where space is an issue. eMMC is based on an 8-bit parallel interface. Its main drawback is also its main advantage, which is that it can be soldered directly to the PCB. In the event of an issue with its memory, controller or firmware, the entire PCB would need to be replaced, creating significant cost in terms of spare parts and repair. It should also be noted that the temperature stress from soldering may impact the data quality on the flash.

The eMMC standard has seen many revisions within the last years. In most industrial applications, endurance, ruggedness and long-term availability are prioritized; hence older revisions are still widely used. Another aspect important to industrial applications is the control over a fixed bill of materials (BOM), which sometimes makes Disk-on-Board (where controller and flash are separately integrated) a viable alternative to eMMC.

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