eUSB Solutions

eUSB Solutions

Hyperstone controller for eUSB modules and other USB based storage applications

The embedded USB (eUSB) form factor is ideal for industrial, networking, and embedded markets. Offering a compact size, low power consumption, and cost-effectiveness, it aligns with industry USB standards, serving as versatile boot media, data logger, or storage device.

Featuring a mounting hole for secure attachment to the main board, the eUSB module ensures stability. It serves various purposes such as boot drives for operating systems or BIOS, and can substitute SSDs as a storage device. Common applications encompass data logging and boot drives for embedded applications and netcom systems, catering to diverse industry needs efficiently.

Swissbit eUSB Solutions

Swissbit’s eUSB modules provide a wide density range in a small form factor. It is an ideal solution for applications that require high-quality and high reliability. 

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Hyperstone eUSB Controller

USB 3.1 Controller
  • Designed to fully satisfy industrial requirements and feature requirements
  • hyReliability™ Flash Management including superior wear leveling, read disturb management, and power fail management
  • hyMap® Flash Translation Layer and mapping offering second to none random write performance, minimal write amplification, and consequently highest endurance for random access heavy usage profiles (e.g. JEDEC Enterprise)
  • Flexible 96-Bit/1K BCH ECC engine supporting all Flash Memory requirements
  • Optimized 32-Bit RISC core, instruction set for Flash Memory handling
  • High performance on-the-fly AES 128 and 256 encryption engine
  • 16 GPIOs for customer specific applications supporting SPI, I2C and ISO7816 or additional flash CE
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Hyperstone eUSB NAND Flash Memory Controller

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