hyMap® - New Flash Management Technology

Flash Memory Controller For Highly Reliable Solutions

  • Industrial Flash Memory Controller for different host interfaces such as CompactFlash (CF), SecureDigital (SD), eMMC, SATA and USB
  • System provider: Hardware and complimentary Firmware delivery combined with long-term service and support
  • Individual Firmware customization and continuous support for all new Flash generations
  • High-performance 32-Bit RISC/DSP processor with industry-leading power efficiency


Flash Memory Summit 2015

August 11.-13. 2015
Santa Clara, CA
Booth 620


Hyperstone introduces hyMap®, a new Flash Management Technology drastically reducing NAND-Flash wear-out

The new hyMap® technology significantly improves endurance and random write performance for flash memory systems, thus for the first time enabling MLC for reliable industrial embedded storage systems.


Hyperstone's presentation held at Flash Memory Summit 2014

Reliable Flash Management and Error Correction
-Evaluating different ECCs