Hyperstone U9 - USB 3.1 Controller
hyMap® - New Flash Management Technology

Flash Memory Controller For Highly Reliable Solutions

  • Industrial Flash Memory Controller for different host interfaces such as CompactFlash (CF), SecureDigital (SD), eMMC, SATA and USB
  • System provider: Hardware and complimentary Firmware delivery combined with long-term service and support
  • Individual Firmware customization and continuous support for all new Flash generations
  • High-performance 32-Bit RISC/DSP processor with industry-leading power efficiency


Flash Memory Summit 2017

August 08.-10. 2017
Santa Clara, CA


New Memory Technologies
OPEN Session 304-A: Flash and the Internet of Things
Thu. Aug.10, 2017 3:00 - 4:15pm


2017 - June | Hyperstone opens a new regional office in Orange County, California

To extend its presence and support, Hyperstone has opened a new regional office in Orange County, California


2017 - Mar| Micron chooses Hyperstone to provide a high-reliability eUSB 3.1 storage solution for telecommunication and IoT platforms

Based on the Hyperstone U9 Flash controller, Micron’s new eU500 is a fast, reliable and small embedded USB device which provides a highly reliable Flash storage system targeted at telecommunication, networking, industrial/embedded and IoT applications.