Flash Controllers for Embedded Solutions

Reliable NAND flash controllers to manage data storage on SSDs and devices using Compact Flash, USB, SATA and SD interfaces

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Reliable Data Storage for Automotive Solutions

eMMC & SD flash controllers for fast booting storage in navigation systems, infotainment, telemetry, event data recorders, and instrument clusters

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Performant Data Storage for Demanding Environments

Ruggedized & power fail safe, our NAND flash memory controllers withstand industrial temperatures from -40°C - +85°C

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Industrial Grade NAND Flash Memory Controllers

Industrial data storage requires high quality NAND flash memory controllers to ensure data integrity and performance for embedded and card based applications

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NAND Flash Memory Controllers for Industrially Embedded Storage Solutions

Our Flash Memory Controller portfolio supports a range of interfaces and form factors including SD cards, microSD, USB Flash Drives, CF cards, SATA and PATA SSDs, Disk-on-Module and Disk-on-Board solutions as well as eMMC

Pioneers in the NAND flash memory controller business, at Hyperstone we design and develop highly reliable, robust controllers for industrial and embedded NAND flash based storage solutions. We pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions, which enable our customers to produce world-class products for global data storage applications. Our flash memory controller portfolio supports a range of interfaces and form factors including SecureDigital (SD) cards, microSD, USB flash drives, Compact Flash (CF) cards, Serial ATA (SATA) and Parallel ATA (PATA) SSDs, Disk-on-Module (DoM) and Disk-on-Board (DoB) solutions as well as embedded flash solutions such as eMMC. Our NAND flash management technology hyMap is also supplied free and is customized for each flash application, ensuring rigorous fail-safe features and data retention. Non-Volatile storage solutions demands powerful error correction, refresh algorithms, wear leveling, and read and program disturb management as well as many other features to be used reliably, which is why your choice of NAND Flash Controller is so important.

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Looking for Storage Modules?

Swissbit develops and manufactures industrial storage and security products with long-term availability, high reliability and custom optimization.

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Hyperstone SSD Controller

Flash controller for SSDs and other SATA based NAND Flash storage modules including U.2, M.2, MO-297 and MO-300

The X1 SATA SSD controller is designed to meet the demands of industrial applications, boasting high power efficiency. It features a 32-bit dual-core microprocessor equipped with specialized instruction sets and hardware accelerators tailored for efficient flash memory management. The controller incorporates hyMap®, a customizable sub-page-based Flash Translation Layer (FTL), along with FlashXE® eXtended Endurance and hyReliability™ flash management for enhanced durability and reliability. 

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Hyperstone X1 SSD NAND Flash Controller

Hyperstone microSD & SD Controller

Flash controller for microSD & SD cards and other SD based NAND flash storage applications

The S9 microSD and SD controller is designed to meet the demands of industrial applications. Its security variant is a specialised security controller designed for industrial applications that demand greater flexibility and additional security features. Together with provided hyMap® firmware and our API which allows for customer firmware extensions, the S9S offers an easy-to-use turnkey solution for industrial, high endurance, robust flash memory drives or modules compatible to host systems up to the SD 7.1 interface.

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