Security Firmware Extensions | API

Enabling Firmware Extensions for your NAND Flash Memory Application

Enabling NAND Flash Memory Firmware Extensions

Secure your data & develop individual firmware extensions. With Hyperstone's API you can enjoy the freedom and control to make your design flexible and unique with added-value features

The Hyperstone firmware includes an API for Custom Firmware Extensions (CFEs). With this, you can implement added features without needing advanced flash management. CFEs are stored separately from the basic firmware. They can be developed independently and used with future updates, including new flash memory generations. The API provides access to embedded firmware features and interfaces for custom applications. You maintain full control over these features without disclosure. The API kit includes software, hardware, and detailed documentation.

See below examples of Swissbit security solutions that use the Hyperstone API or download the Hyperstone API White Paper today.

Swissbit iShield Camera

Reliable Encryption and Access Protection of Video and Photo Data

The microSD card iShield Camera is a simple and retrofittable security solution especially for the encryption and access protection of video recordings. It is host-independent, i.e. plug-and-play, and can be used with a large number of camera types. The solution also includes the “iShield Camera Card Tool” (iCCT) software.

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Swissbit HSM for IoT Devices

Swissbit iShield HSM for reliably storing security keys for device authentication and registration

The iShield hardware security module is a plug-and-play USB security anchor that allows system integrators to upgrade existing AWS IoT Greengrass devices with a hardware security module, making it the perfect retrofit solution for finished hardware designs & in-field devices. iShield HSM securely stores the device’s private key and certificate so that they aren’t exposed or duplicated in software.

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Swissbit iShield Archive

iShield Archive: Reliable Encryption and Access Protection of Data

iShield Archive is specifically designed to encrypt and protect any data. The microSD card can be used with any camera type and model, such as drones, body cams, dashcams, surveillance cameras or camera traps. The solution also includes the “iShield Archive Tool” (iAT) software.

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Swissbit TSE

Fiscal Solution for Germany

Swissbit is a complete provider of tamper-proof recording solutions for POS data in accordance with the German Cash Security Ordinance (KassenSichV). Whether single devices, networked POS systems in a LAN or online-capable POS systems with a cloud connection, Swissbit provides an easy-to-integrate, flexible and secure TSE connection for all scenarios. All TSE products have an optional connection to the fiscalization platform MeinFiskal of DATEV with further additional services.

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Secure Boot Solution for Raspberry Pi

Protecting the System Integrity of a Raspberry Pi Boot Media

The Swissbit Secure Boot Solution for Rasberry Pi allows encryption and access protection of data stored on the microSD card by various configurable security policies. It protects the boot image and software installation against manipulation, unwanted copying, or removal of a system from a defined network.

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