SATA Controllers for NAND Flash Solutions

SATA & SSD Controllers for Industrial NAND Flash Applications

Reliable SATA Controller for Industrial NAND Flash Storage Solutions

SATA III NAND Flash Memory Contollers for 1.8", 2.5" industrial SSDs, M.2 modules, CFast cards and embedded SATA solutions

Hyperstone's X1 is designed for demanding NAND flash storage applications that require the highest standard of industrial quality. The X1 can be used in 1.8” and 2.5” SSDs, CFast cards, M.2 modules, DoB solutions and other embedded SATA flash systems that guarantee reliable and secure data processing between the host interface and NAND flash arrays. Hyperstone flash controllers are complete turnkey solutions that deliver not only high reliability and endurance but also the robust design to withstand industrial temperatures.


High performance SSD SATA III NAND Flash Controller
  • Designed to fully satisfy industrial requirements, the X1 is the most power-efficient SATA SSD controller
  • 32-Bit dual-core microprocessor with optimized instruction set and additional hardware accelerators for flash memory handling
  • hyMap® customizable sub-page-based Flash Translation Layer (FTL) enables second to none random write performance, minimal write amplification and consequently the highest endurance without external DRAM
  • FlashXE® eXtended Endurance read-channel tuned and optimized for each Flash, advanced ECC algorithms and soft-decoding capability, read-retry, RAID and data recovery features to ensure the lowest possible read error rates and maximum endurance
  • Continuously updated flash memory support
  • hyReliability™ flash management including superior wear leveling, read disturb management, dynamic data refresh, and power fail management ensuring the highest reliability and endurance
  • Advanced protection against radiation and soft-errors including end-to-end datapath protection, SRAM ECC and low-alpha package
  • Advanced security and encryption feature as well as custom firmware extensions and feature development through firmware API
  • Turnkey solution including firmware, manufacturing kit, test and development hardware, reference schematics, as well as health monitoring tools
  • Outstanding support  and long term availability
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