Hyperstone S8-LBK07

White Papers & Application Notes

The following White Papers are available for download (for registered users)

FORS - Non-Volatile Memory Basics

An Introduction to Non-Volatile Memory and NAND Flash Technology.

FORS - Flash Controller Technology

This paper provides an overview of the necessary functions and features of Flash Memory Controllers.

FORS - An Introduction to Flash Memory Form Factors

This paper provides an overview of a range of Flash Memory Form Factors.

FORS - Hyperstone Controller Technology

Hyperstone Flash memory controllers’ proprietary features and implementation details are explained. 

Application Notes - Copy Back Operation

This paper adresses the copy back operation in Hyperstone controllers. 


Mapping of an FTL impacts your system -  How it works.

Adressing Single Event Upsets (SEU)

Addressing SEU in high reliability NAND Flash Memory Controllers

Embedded Flash Disk-on-Board

Advantages of embedding a NAND Flash based storage system directly onto a system PCB

BCH versus LDPC

Comparison of BCH and LDPC Error Correction approaches

pSLC vs Fast Page

Highlighting the difference between pSLC and Fast Page mode.


Available upon request and under NDA only:

  • Power Fail Management
  • AES Application Note
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • hySmart
  • Read Firmware Features & NAND Flash Reliability
  • Field Firmware Update