Disk-on-Board & Disk-on-Module

Embedded Flash Disk-on-Board (DoB) or Disk-on-Module (DoM) can be alternative solutions to standard form factors such as SD cards, CF cards, USB flash disks or SSD. Those solutions are made of discrete components including flash controller and NAND flash.

DoM and DoB solutions based on Hyperstone products are already successfully used in Mobile Automation, Motion Control, Energy Protection systems, Smart Grid components, Telematics and Railway applications.

Using discrete components enables system designers to define all components according to their individual needs, thus creating a reliable storage system optimized for the target application. A so-called “Fixed BOM” can be ensured. All life-cycle management questions can be discussed directly with controller and NAND partners. Special measure to extend the lifetime of a product can be defined and enabled. Hyperstone provides access to the newest flash management technologies and ensures Flash support over the whole lifetime of the solution. Supporting extended product lifetimes is Hyperstone’s focus and helps to minimize cost and effort for frequent re-qualifications.

In order to reduce development effort for system designers, Hyperstone offers a turn-key solution including reference schematics, controller plus firmware and support from Hyperstone experts.

Hyperstone can help to analyze the use case and provide tools to select the best fitting NAND components.

Compared to eMMC, DoB or DoM provide the following advantages:

  • Lower Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO),
  • Flexible size of the storage device exactly configured according to the specific use case,
  • Full variety and flexibility of NAND flash technology (SLC, pSLC, MLC), manufacturing node (1xnm, 2xnm, etc.) and vendor,
  • Independent choice of the flash controller and the respective interface based on the requirement of the system and the use case,
  • Full transparency of Hardware, Firmware and other components,
  • Controlled or even fixed BOM (changes are communicated well in advance, focused on contingency procedures),
  • Customer-specific and optimized flash management (analysis of use cases and respective configuration of the FW),
  • Longer lifetime (no heat stress as the Firmware is downloaded to the flash after soldering, data retention of Firmware on flash is not compromised),
  • FW optimized for long lifetime (low WAF) and high data rates (high IOPS).

Compared to raw NAND, DoB or DoM provide the following advantages:

  • Full variety of NAND flash technology (SLC, pSLC, MLC), manufacturing node (1xnm, 2xnm, etc.) and vendor,
  • No restrictions due to missing Firmware functions and hardware limitations,
  • Lower invest and lifecycle cost because cheaper flashes can be used (powerful Error Correction enables the use of state-of-the-art flashes like 2xnm SLC or even MLC),
  • Reliable storage even under worst environmental and operational conditions,
  • No own Software development necessary. Full customer support via Hyperstone,
  • Debugging through Hyperstone experts minimizes downtime in case of problems,
  • Support of future flash generations without need to adopt host FW,
  • Customer specific flash management optimized for respective use cases (Analysis of use cases and respective configuration of Firmware),
  • Lower maintenance cost due to Hardware and Firmware optimized for long lifetime (lowest write amplification or WAF) and high data rates (high IOPS performance).

For more information please download the White Paper for DoB/DoM available on our Download page after registration.