NAND Flash Storage Solutions

Design Embedded or Card Based Storage with Hyperstone Flash Memory Controllers

NAND Flash Storage Solutions

NAND Flash Memory Controllers for Embedded and Card based Storage Solutions

Our NAND flash memory controllers support a range of both embedded and card based storage solutions through a range of interfaces such as SATA, SD, USB, CF and PATA. With a focus on industrial quality and reliability, we are designing for the future and welcome your questions.

Our focus on innovation and design has allowed us to offer a diverse range of controllers for different storage solutions, especially those with unique challenges and demanding requirements.

We offer our controllers with our hyMap® sub-page based firmware for solutions such as USB flash drives, eUSBs, CFast cards and SSDs. With our FlashXE™ eco system, security features and renowned reliability we also support SD and microSD cards, and give legacy systems the possibility to utilize next generation 3D flashes. Scroll to learn more about the different storage solutions our NAND flash memory controller’s support and how they can best serve your unique use case and market requirements.

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